Mommy Entrepreneurial Program

Come and join MAKUKU mother-infant social new retail.

  • 01 Achieve your self-worth and increase the family income.
  • 02 Expand your social channels, life and social circles.
  • 03 Become the expert who brings baby better life.
  • 04 Input just once for sustainable returns.

join us

join us

Our Advantages

New entrepreneurial model

  • No franchise fees

    New entrepreneurial model

    No franchise fees

    No risks


  • No inventory needed

    No stock up
    No goods-related risks
    No pressure in capital turnover

  • Withdraw at any time

    No stock up
    No goods-related risks
    No pressure in capital turnover

  • Online and offline

    Get rid of dilemma faced by offline stores
    No impact by online sales
    New social retail model
    Breaking down barriers between online and offline sales

Our Features

All-round support

  • Support for opening of new stores

    Store site selection
    decoration follow up
    store design
    contract negotiation and execution
    attraction of new consumers

  • Support for operation

    Guidance for operation
    Guidance for membership management
    Guidance for product display
    Guidance for personnel management

  • Support for branding

    Support for store-based promotion activities
    Support for store publicity
    Placement of ads

  • Support for trainings

    Mother-infant knowledge
    industry knowledge
    product knowledge
    care knowledge
    management knowledge
    marketing knowledg


MAKUKU Fairy Tale Series

Light as cotton and exquisite as silk,

Fairy Tale Series are tailored for your delicate skin.


Oz Farm

Originating from Australia with rich nutrition,

Oz Farm is an ideal choice to satisfy all your needs for dairy products throughout your life.

About the Mommy Entrepreneurial Program of MAKUKU

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